Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Forget the Dippers!

The monthly visit to Cwm Taf Fechan for dippers could not have been better. As well as the net for dippers we also had another net out to catch users of the riparian vegetation. Nothing much was happening. Approximately thirty seconds after Dr O had flippantly pointed out a robin near the net, we were staring, gob smacked, jaws on the ground at an otter snuffling around on the other side of our 30ft net!

It had come from up stream and could have easily passed us by it was so quiet and stealthy. It didn’t seem bothered about our presence, even giving the net pole a relaxed sniff. We were totally unprepared and in spite of it being there for a couple of minutes we didn’t get a picture!

A passing dog walker spooked it, however, and it bolted up the bank and was gone from sight. The aforementioned dog walker, with headphones in and blinkers on, had no idea that the mega mustelid had been there. For us though it was definitely a top notch wildlife encounter!

What a morning!

Oh yes, the birds, we managed to catch another two dippers (both juvs, bring the total to 12) but nowt else. But who cares. We saw an otter.

An otter was here two minutes before.

A dipper. You should have seen the otter though, it was amazing.

A bird ringer and a mist net. We saw an otter you know.

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  1. Suprised you forgot to mention the otter.