Sunday, 24 July 2011

Friday Morning; a right load of crap

Friday morning could best be described as a little on the wet side. The ideal weather for ducks perhaps but not for us. Dr O, The Explorer and Facey headed to the stables while it was just about getting light and nearly scored three brace of swallows. Like fishermen we ringers need the stories of the one that got away, and finishing on five birds (three new adults in the mix) they headed to the Bay where CJ had set up shop and had already been joined by Vaf.

Between the showers we managed over 40 birds, among them 4 Garden Warblers which was most welcome and a new bird for The Explorer.

While CJ takes the job of net watcher, The others get breakfast on the go

Better still, the  The Cardiff Ringers are involved in a number of projects that involve the collection of bird crap. The most recent of these involves El Vaf collecting said excrement from a selection of a reed bed passerines, and on Friday the Reed Warblers and Sedge Warblers were out in number and whats more very generous.  

Reed Warbler Shite - for the ringer that has everything...

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  1. Correction: Apparently I did my first and only Garden warbler last august in Slimbridge! Sorry not really a tick... but close! :)